God’s Star Shower Laser Show

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BIBLE TEXT: Luke 2:9-11 (AMP): And an angel of the Lord suddenly stood before them, and the glory of the Lord flashed and shone around them, and they were terribly frightened. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people. For this day in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord (the Messiah).”

PERSONAL REFLECTION: It has become quite the topic as of late. Ever since I shared from the stage about our family’s odyssey that led us to light up our homefront with the effervescent magic of Star Shower, the texts, emails, Facebook messages, handwritten letters, carrier pigeons, and smoke signals have poured in daily. People take pictures of every house they find with a Star Shower in the yard and send them to me. People forward me articles about the FAA’s diabolical threats to ban these beautiful devices due to the fact they sometimes confuse airline pilots trying to land their planes… uh, I’m pretty sure my second amendment rights allow me to own a Star Shower. I should also probably state I don’t really understand the Constitution… which puts me in good company for the upcoming Presidential election. (Insert ZING! here.)

I mostly jest.

I’m moving on.

I have even received texts informing me these things are sold out around the country, so much so that no one can find them anymore. And I’ve also been told that there appears to be a crime spree in our area as perpetrators of the lowest degree swoop into unsuspecting yards to steal away the joy of Christmas from innocent citizens guaranteed the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of Star Showers. Again, see previous statements about my Constitutional knowledge… even though that last line was hacked from the Declaration of Independence. I digress. Again.

All this fuss over a few lasers lights in the night sky? Really?

Not to hit this too squarely on the nose, but lights in the nighttime sky were also God’s way of making a fuss about the birth of His Son. Sure, there were no airline pilots to complain about them, or sad, sad criminals who tried to steal them from the shepherds’ yards. But oh baby, were there some lights!

PERSONAL APPLICATION: My Star Shower has reminded me that God intended Jesus’ birth to be a moment of spectacular celebration. A moment when the nagging ho-hum of normal life was suddenly infiltrated by the “flash” (as it says in the Amplified Version) of God’s kaleidoscopic majesty. His words to the shepherds then still count for the rest of us now who trudge along in various fields, watching over whatever proverbial sheep surround us.

Do not be afraid… this light show is to announce good news!

As I reflect upon Advent and what Jesus’ coming really means for the “all the people” (vs. 10), I find myself intensely desiring to behold those lights… that Star Shower of the angelic hosts as they peeled back the corner of heaven for just a moment to let normal people like me experience the wonder of what was really happening.

The good news then is still the good news now, no matter how many years you’ve spent in the varied darkness of doubt or religion or anything in between. Tonight, just like that night, the light show is His and the news is still good: “there has been born for you a Savior…” (vs. 11)

He was born for you… and to Him, that was worth the best Star Shower anyone has ever beheld. I say we do what the angels said and “behold” it.

PRAYER: My Jesus, let there truly be a fresh display of your light in my heart this Christmas. Let all my shepherd’s wanderings be interrupted by your heavenly message. Let the declaration of You change the disposition of me. You were born for me, so let my life shine brightly for You.


LUKE… LUKE… I AM YOUR TEACHING PASTOR. Also, I write books every now and again. I am delightfully hitched to my beautiful wife of fifteen years, Laura. Along with our wonderfully creative daughter, Sadie, and our 9.1 lb bichon poodle, Brutus, we love to travel together, sing all kinds of songs together (silly and otherwise,) and above all else, talk to each other incessantly about any and all topics available for discussion. Yes, we talk a lot… shocker, I know. We cheer for the Tennessee Volunteers during both football and basketball seasons even when there seems to be nothing to cheer about but the chicken wings and queso.

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