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BIBLE TEXTIsaiah 7:11:  ”Ask the LORD your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights.” (NIV)


INTRO:  A few years ago I read a book called God Winks. In short, it was about those small things that happen right in front of your eyes that have meaning to you in your moment that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is winking at you as if to say, “Well done,” “I’m here,” or “You’re on the right track.”

I’ve been in the process of knocking out the last few stages of what is hopefully book number one of three. I’m in the illustration process at the moment with final edit coming in August. God willing, a book will be in hand sometime in September. It has been a long journey over these last few years of writing, researching, editing, rewriting, more research, rewrites, etc, etc. Over the course of all the revisions that go along with this process, I knew that even though the story started as a “spooky” fictitious story for kids, I wanted to interject a God-themed life lesson into it especially at the end.

After reading through the story a few hundred times, I finally settled on a unique way to explain two key points: God’s favor and free will choice. I added this to the end of the story about three weeks ago. I’d never heard this preached before or read it anywhere so I was excited to work it into the story. Even though my story is fiction, after tinkering with the wordage and verbiage for a couple weeks, the thought entered my mind to have it checked for theological correctness. I knew who I’d contact to send it to for their thoughts on my idea. Well, I never got a chance to get my Bible-based facts checked before God decided to proof it Himself.

I was riding along in my truck and flipped over to the radio station that is nothing but preaching. Over the next 20 minutes I basically heard my analogy word for word on God’s favor, minus character interaction, from Charles Stanley. Then I was floored when the next preacher came on and did his thirty minutes on free will choice. GO FIGURE! My first thought was, “Well, phooey, now someone is going to think I plagiarized the ideas,” but then it occurred to me that God was just confirming the example that was laid on my heart. Anyway, you’ll have to wait until September to see the God-truth that the lead character learned. However, the God-truth that I learned is that, in fact, God does care. He is watching. He wants to be involved, and He winked at me!

PRAYER: God help us to not forget to look for your “winks” in our lives. We forget that you not only perform on the large stage for all to see, but on occasion you also act out for an audience of one (me). Help me to anticipate those defining moments that set a course for my everyday walk, and also helps me to solidify my faith. Jesus, I know you have your hand in my life on a daily basis and I thank you for letting me see a glimpse of you if only for a little wink.  Amen!


Andrew, his lovely wife Rebecca, and kiddos Haylee and Elijah, have been attending Life for almost five glorious years. He actually met said lovely wife in the very walls of the church that they call home. He loves being a part of this assembly of peeps and is super excited in the direction God is leading him in. AND he is thankful for the opportunity to write a Day in the Life even though his wife thinks sometimes he already expresses his opinion too much.   ;-)

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