IMG_3021BY:  Janet Henry


BIBLE TEXT:  Matthew: 14:29: “Come,” Jesus said.  Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on water and came toward Jesus. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  “You want me to do what??  You want me to go where?  But Lord, you know I HATE to fly.  But Lord, you know I really love being in Tennessee where everything is safe, where I am surrounded by my family.”

Oh, the conversations I have had with the Lord trying to convince Him that what He was asking me to do was just too much.  Being comfortable can be a dangerous position in life.  You see, I was very comfortable with my current state.  I did not like anyone rocking my boat, so to speak.  I come from a long line of nesters who like deep roots in the SAME PLACE.  But then one day, the Lord got my attention about something that was grieving my soul.  I had allowed all my excuses and insecurities to cause me to become stagnant.  I only wanted to follow the leading of the Lord if it was on my terms.  Slowly Justin began sharing stories of these precious children in Bolivia that had knit their hearts to his.  I began to feel as if sympathy and compassion was just not enough and the Lord was calling me to action.  In 2010, I joined Justin on a trip to Bolivia and as we like to say, the rest is history.  Do I still hate to fly?  YES!  Do I still love to nest in this perfect little house of mine? YES.  Am I overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of leaving my family to live in Bolivia for two years?  YES.  Am I willing to ignore the calling of God on our lives, missing out on all the blessings he has for us?  No, most certainly not.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  We find many places in scripture where God was calling people into positions they would otherwise feel unqualified. Peter is forever remembered for many things in his life, one of which, being the only disciple who trusted Christ enough to walk on water with him.  But wait, didn’t he fail because he began to sink when he became afraid of the storm raging around him?  I believe that is when Peter learned the most important lesson of all.  We are never failures when we put our trust in Christ to get out of the boat. Even should we start to sink, He will never allow us to become consumed by the storm that rages around us. We cannot focus on the what if’s, the might be’s, the fears, and the securities.  Let us be a people that leave behind a legacy of following the Lord, no matter what, no matter the cost.  Get uncomfortable, get out of the boat.

PRAYER: Lord God, Help us be like Peter and get the experience of walking on water with you.  Let us not become stagnant in our walk but passionately pursue you and all you have for us.  May our lives be a living testimony of your goodness and faithfulness.  In Christ’s precious name- Amen.


 I am a homeschooling mom of 3 and a wife to Justin.  Our family has just recently been approved as short- term missionaries to Bolivia.  We are currently raising our budget so we can be a part of all God has for us there.  Find us on Facebook to join with us in this journey!  Look up Justin+Janet Henry- BHC Missionaries.

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