Fun With The Word



BIBLE TEXT:   Matthew 18:20:  ”For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  The other night I was playing with scripture, and yes, it’s O.K. to have fun with the Word. I was taking common slang sayings and finding scripture that would fit it. It’s just what I do, can’t explain it. I send my findings to different people I think might enjoy it. I sent the following text of 2 versions to my married friends, Lisa & Chris.



“You can’t help yourself, ‘cuz yourself stinks.” (NSV) New Slang Version
you might recognize it this way: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  Proverbs 3:5 (NIV)


Lisa’s responseWhy did u send this to me?

Me: Well certainly not because the Lord led me to (I was being honest and flippant).

Lisa: I am in shock…Within the last 15 minutes I had been overcome by fear and turned to prayer.  When Chris came to bed I began to share with him and your message came across.  Thank u for not hesitating to share… 

Lisa didn’t care I was playing with words. She was praying and God answered. Her fear removed.

Our God rocks!     …Or “Our God Reigns!” if you wanna go that way.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  Here’s the deal: God’s word is like electricity. Plug it in and power flows out. It just does. God will use what He will, to accomplish what He will. He will use you, the uniqueness of you, and what you do, to make things happen. Let him.

There are so many observations and lessons to be learned from that quick text and answer to prayer. Send me yours.

PRAYER: Father, Daddy:  Thank you for being intimate with us. Thank you for wiping out fear. My hope and prayer is that we will have many more times like this — these times where we share in the love you have for us, all of us, that are uniquely yours. Amen.


Peter will be at church this Sunday. Ask him an anything you want to know about his family and himself.  He has some really embarrassing stuff.


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