Fire, Ready, Aim



BIBLE TEXT:  Matthew 9:9:  “As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at his tax collectors booth.  ’Follow me and be my disciple,’ Jesus said to him.  So Matthew got up and followed Him.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Recently someone described me using the term “FIRE, READY, AIM.”  At first I didn’t know whether to take it as a compliment or just Fire, Ready, Aim right back, but the more he explained the more the concept really started to make sense to me.  He said some people have to think and plan about every decision they make while others tend to act without planning or thinking.  Neither of these are wrong or right. It is just how people are wired.  My mind instantly flashed back to that morning when I said to my wife (without thinking), “Are you really wearing that?”  (for the record, guys, this is not a good way to start the morning) and also the time as a young adult that I jumped off a bridge without checking to see if there were any rocks in the shallow water (once again no thinking involved).  It didn’t take me long to figure out my friend was right. I am a Fire, Ready, Aim type of person.

I realized that this approach is what God wants from me when it comes to surrendering and following.  God wants us to be willing to follow Him without hesitation or fear.  Our natural instincts might be to weigh our options or to make out a pros and cons list, but God wants our uttermost obedience and trust.  For me, the Fire, Ready, Aim approach to following God is a work in progress.  It has taken me places I never dreamed I would be in. It has also left me scratching my head in confusion on numerous occasions.  But at the end of the day, it has allowed me to become more intimate with our Creator.  When Jesus told Matthew to follow Him, Matthew didn’t have to ready, aim, or make a list.  Matthew just fired, followed, and figured the rest out as he became closer to his Savior!

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  It’s not always the right move to Fire without thinking, but sometimes to be a true follower of Christ it is necessary.  Evaluate your personal walk.  Sometimes we do all the readying and aiming but never pull the trigger to Fire.

PRAYER:  Lord, my prayer is simple. I want us to be a generation of Christ Followers — a generation that will fully trust and surrender to what it is that You are calling us to do and a generation that d doesn’t make excuses, doesn’t allow fear to stop us, doesn’t hesitate when we hear your calling.  I ask that You continue to lead us in that direction.   Amen


  I’m just a dude that is trying to be more like Matthew (the one in the Bible).


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