Fingerprints of God



BIBLE TEXT:   Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  As many of you already know, I love backpacking. It truly is a passion of mine. A couple of people have asked me why I love to backpack so much. Of course there are the simple, quick answers. I love the physical and mental challenge. I love knowing that I am carrying everything I need on my back. I love knowing that I can be self-sufficient in the wilderness. I love the beauty of nature. I love the incredible views from the mountaintops. I love wading into near-freezing rivers.      …And the answers can go on forever, all true but still lacking in their fullness.

But there is always one answer that overrides all of the others. Many people feel closer to God when they backpack through the wilderness and the same is true of me. If a potter makes a clay pot, then he must use his hands and his fingers. Surely some of his dead skin is scraped off and pulled into the pot as it spins around on the wheel. Surely the potter’s fingerprints dominate the entire thickness of the pot as the potter has formed every cubic millimeter of that pot, inside and out. That is how I think of God’s earth. His fingerprints must be everywhere and I feel as though I am “in His hands” as I walk through His creation. I feel like He is holding me. Sometimes when I think about how close to God it makes me feel I get choked up. His presence is overwhelming. The next time you walk through nature I challenge you to not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but the beauty of the Living God as you move in and through His fingerprints.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  There is no greater high than being in the presence of God. He is like a drug. I cannot get enough of Him. I long for more.

PRAYER: Lord, you are my King. You are my everything. I pray that I never lose the feeling of  being enamored by your presence. Continue to challenge me and help me to inspire others around me. Help me to be the man that you desire me to be.

Chris is blessed with the greatest wife (Jenny), daughter (Ashten), and son (Gabe) on the planet, and
he thanks God for them.

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  1. by Giovanna

    On July 24, 2012

    I really loved reading this, Chris. You painted a picture for me that I had never seen.

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