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BIBLE TEXT:  Hebrews 12:1- Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Just recently, I have been reading the story of Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls, to my children.  In the book the main character, Billy, is learning how to successfully trap raccoons.  His grandfather explains to young Billy that raccoons are attracted to things that are shiny.  What Billy needs to do is hollow out a spot in an old log and place a piece of shiny metal at the bottom of the hollow.  At the top, Billy is told to angle nails around the hole that would allow the raccoon’s small hand to fit inside but get snared when he tries to remove his small coon hand clinching the shiny metal.  After much thought, Billy feels as if his grandfather is trying to pull a fast one on him.  Billy realizes that all the silly coon would have to do is let go of the shiny metal and he would be free.  Billy’s grandfather reassures him that as a young boy this is how he caught so many raccoons.  Giving it a try, Billy catches his first raccoon.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  I promise this is not a lesson in how to trap raccoons but rather how similar we are to those silly raccoons.  How often are we drawn to sin: shiny, pretty sin that seems pleasant at the time. When we try to continue on with life with our sin we find ourselves entangled because we are unwilling to part with it.  If we simply let our sin go, give it to the Lord, we are released.  We are free. Christ is faithful and just to forgive our sins. We must, in order to be productive for the kingdom, release that sin that so easily entangles us and run with perseverance the life God has called us to participate in.

PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, 

In our daily lives, help us to throw off anything that entangles us.  Allow us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and his leading in our lives.  Please show us if there is any sin in our lives that we need to release to you right now.  Thank you for the forgiveness we have in your Son Jesus Christ.  Amen


 I am a homeschooling mom to three beautiful kiddos.  My husband and I are the mission directors here at the church.  I am not sure what spare time is but sure would love to find out about it.  I love the Lord with everything in me and have the most amazing, fulfilled life one could only dream of having — only because of Jesus.

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