Ears to Hear

Dave&MeganBY:  Dave Hillegass

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  dave@tailgateforlife.com

BIBLE TEXT:  “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.” –Matthew 13:9 (NLT)

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  I did a search in my Bible app for the phrase “ears to hear” and 20 different verses resulted from my search.  This phrase and verse have such a new meaning for me right now.  Over the past year and a half Megan and I have noticed that our son Luke’s hearing was getting worse.  Trying to communicate with my son has been so frustrating.  At first we wondered if this was a behavioral problem, but after a failed hearing test and a few more hearing screenings we found out that he has moderate to severe hearing loss in both of his ears.  After going to the audiologist this past week to pick out hearing aids and get them molded for Luke’s ears, the Spirit of the Lord opened my eyes to the fact that this situation is a prophetic message being lived out in our lives.

How frustrated the Father is when His children can’t hear his voice.  He speaks but His child isn’t listening.  He speaks!  Yes, first we must acknowledge that He speaks to us and not just through the Bible.  I, as a father, don’t just hand my son my journal and expect that because he reads it we have had a conversation.  In the same way, our Heavenly Father doesn’t just hand us the Bible and expect it to be our conversation with Him.  Jesus said in John 5:39-40, “You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life.  But the scriptures point to me!  Yet you refuse to come to me to receive this life.”  I know God speaks to me and He speaks to you because we are His children. With that said, I know personally that my hearing of the Lord’s voice has been challenged during the same time frame of Luke’s hearing loss.  The Voice that was once clear has been muffled some.  I have to pay extra close attention to the Lord when He is speaking in order to hear Him.  Sometimes I have to ask the Lord to repeat Himself.  Yet, even with my hearing deficiency, He has not stopped speaking.  The same holds true for my relationship with Luke and how I am communicating with him.  I, as his father, continue speaking to him, but I try to make sure that he is paying close attention.  I am also teaching him new ways to communicate with me such as sign language.  However, I now look forward to the day when I can converse with him more freely again once he gets his hearing aids.

PERSONAL APPLICATIONI need spiritual hearing aids. Just like Luke’s hearing aids that frequently need new batteries to power them up, I need the Holy Spirit to charge up my hearing aids so that I may converse more freely with my Heavenly Father.

PRAYER:  Father, I ask you for myself and all that read this to give us ears to hear.  We want to hear You and Your voice.  We want to sit in your presence and talk about ours and Your hearts desires.  You know each of us so intimately and you know whether or not we are hearing you clearly or we need hearing aids to help the process.  Please provide us with the gifts that only You can give to help us hear you in all circumstances.  Fill us with your Holy Spirit that we may have power needed to use these gifts appropriately and often.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen!


Dave Hillegass is the husband of one beautiful wife and four amazing children.  During the day he works from home as a commodities trader and loves being able to spend tons of time with his wife and children.  He is currently studying to be a pastoral counselor so if anybody wants some mostly free therapy from a work in progress like him, email him or find him at church and he would love to listen to you and pray with you.

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