BY: Zach Warrick

EMAIL: halfwaygone@comcast.net

BIBLE TEXT: Matthew 6:11 — “Give us this day our daily bread.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  I see a lot of bread working at a bakery. When customers come in, they’ll stare in wonder (and hunger) at the stacks of pastries, bagels, and loaves of bread behind the display window. Being in such close proximity to baked goods, I’ve become somewhat jaded when it comes to bread. I have learned quite a bit about it, however. People love and crave bread. The body is preprogrammed to desire the carbohydrates all that dough contains, which is bad if you happen to be dieting.  Bread provides physical nourishment. No one can eat only once, however, and be energized for the rest of their lives. Eating is a perpetual activity. In the same way, we need constant spiritual nourishment to function and grow within God’s will. I think this is one of the reasons Jesus includes a reference to “daily bread” in the prayer he taught to his disciples. Just like we cannot go a day without eating, we cannot function spiritually without a daily spiritual revival. In the book of John, Jesus calls himself the bread of life. Whoever comes to him will never be hungry again. It is in this sort of daily bread—constantly connecting to the presence of Christ, his message, and the gift of his salvation— that we receive our greatest blessing.

PRAYER:  Lord, please give me this day Your daily blessing. Renew and nourish my spirit. Lord, I commit myself to Your will and I partake of Your goodness today. 


Zach Warrick is a sophomore at Lipscomb University and is enjoying college life very much.

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