Come! Come here. Come now!



BIBLE TEXT:    “Come,  follow me, I will show you how to fish for people!”  –Matthew 4:19

     ”Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I  will give you rest.‘”  –Matthew 11:28

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Do you feel far from God? Do you read this with a heavy heart and a tight throat? Do you think you’re unworthy to approach His throne or to do His mission? I have not only been there, but I’m there right now. I am currently facing issues in my life I  never have before. I’ve found that the more I don’t come to God with those issues the more stress I feel and the more I know I will never come to God with them. The longer we wait sometimes, the harder it is to come. For those who are facing the same burdened feeling I am and even to those who are not: Let me share something God spoke to me this week.

In the above verses, Jesus said the word “come.” In Greek, the word is “deute.”  Deute can mean to “come,”  ”come now,” and “come here.”  To me, this means Jesus is saying, “Come, follow me now. Burdened? Weary? Come here and come now!”  He doesn’t say, “Come if you are already on the right track,”or  ”Come if you think I can handle it,” or even, “Come when it is most convenient to you.” He sees you where you are, and He is saying  “COME NOW!”

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  Don’t make God wait until you get off Facebook or until you send that email. Moreover, don’t be afraid to approach God no matter where you are in your faith walk.  Jesus is saying “Come!”  His word is the voice for the past, the present, and the future. Come to Him daily, hourly, minutely, whatever you need. I promise He won’t stop saying, “Come!”

PRAYER: God, I come to Your throne, and I give You all the things I’ve been worried about. Teach me how to daily give things up to You, and show me how to run to You without hesitation. Thank You for Your word, and thank You for loving me enough to beckon me to You, no matter what.       Amen!


Jenna Coombs has been attending Life Assembly for almost four years and is a freshman in college. She is majoring in Dance Education and her favorite book of the Bible is Esther.

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  1. by Lynne Dyer

    On November 12, 2012

    Thank you from sharing from your heart. I needed to hear this today.
    Lynne Dyer

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