BY:  Lynne Dyer


BIBLE TEXT:   ”And yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand.”           –Isaiah 64:8  (NLT)

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  I recently moved a clay flower pot from one room to another. As I lifted the pot up, I realized the carpet was damp where the pot had been sitting. I hadn’t spilled the water; I had just watered more than the plant absorbed so the rest of the water permeated the clay of the pot and seeped through. The carpet survived, and I learned a life lesson: clay flower pots absorb and disperse water to whatever they touch. Note to self: Back off on the watering.

The very next day, the devotional I was reading mentioned a verse about my being a clay pot, set aside for sacred use. I immediately thought of my flower pot. I love when God connects the dots. Several times in the Bible, God describes himself as the potter and us as the clay/pots/pottery. I’ve always read those verses to mean that God can shape me into whatever vessel He wants me to be. Period. I now know that the analogy goes farther than that. Once He has shaped me, He fills me. Then, He uses the natural quality of pottery to seep out of me and into the environment around. By creating me like a clay pot, He intends for me to keep what I need to grow what is in me and then to share the rest with those I touch. Eureka!

PRAYER:   Dear God, Thank you for shaping me so I can do your will.  Overfill me with your Holy Spirit today so you can seep through me to touch those around me.  In the wonderful Name of Jesus, Amen. 


Lynne is wife to Ronnie and mom to Ginger, Rachel, and Matthew.  She is blessed beyond measure and so thankful to be a citizen of Life Assembly.

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  1. by Chris Winfree

    On September 24, 2012

    Good devo!

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