BY: Andrew Wharton


BIBLE TEXT:  Psalms 127:1 (NIV) – A song of ascents. Of Solomon. Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  As we stand poised and ready to embark on the next ten years as a family at Life, I  have been recounting the past. It is no mystery the the Bible gives us clear perspective of the past.  By its very nature, the Bible is a look at the past.

I recently took a walk through an old, abandoned building.  It was physically worn, dusty, slanted, and deteriorating.  Mostly what I saw was unused. It was clearly evident that at one time this thriving, industrial, well-established and impacting facility serviced many someones.  I noticed all the fixtures, lighting, decor options etc. and construction process had at one time been the best of that day.  Now they quietly speak of the past with no one really listening or observing.

In that same day I visited a building that is being constructed. Adorned with the latest of  gadgetry, construction technology, and materials.  It was amazing!  I doted over the facility, the creativity in craftsmanship and recognized that soon it will be a useful serving place that many will want to see and be a part of.

The old building has had no one there to keep the past alive; it lost its luster.

The new building was being adorned and heralded by many.

It’s funny to me that a major trend today is the revitalization of old and abandoned buildings.  When you ask someone why they would spend so much money on renovation, the answer always is it has such great history.

Ten years of Life Assembly is not much of history in the grand scope.  But it is history; it must not lose its luster!  New, present day, and adventurous plans must lie ahead and do.  But our history is often waiting to birth forth new victorious elements in our life for Him.

Walk into any building in downtown Nashville that has been renovated, and you know what? You will love it.  What you are loving is the past grandeur of this building which causes us to love and embrace its new future.

When the past and future collide, history is made.  History has a way of yielding  to what is coming.  Acts Chapter 2 is the lesson of past, new, and future tangling together for epic results.

Your life’s history may seem old, abandoned, dusty, with a lack of luster, but its value when coupled with what Christ wants to do with you today is an epic building.  I have realized this week more than ever to allow my past to propitiate the future.  When we look at history it may be sad or happy most likely a combination of both,  but polished and revitalized (spiritually speaking) we become adorned, new and useful.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  As you walk around in your life today take a look for all those things that have been renewed and built again.

PRAYER: Lord, I pray today and recognize You have masterfully created me.  I ask You to let me build my house on who You are and who You have made me. I pray that my labor will always abound in Your grace and favor.  May I, as vessel, be built on who You are.

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