BIBLE TEXT:  Acts: 2:42:  They joined with the other believers and devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, sharing in the Lord’s Supper and in prayer.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: My brother and I have a late night tradition. For the past two summers running, we camp out in my room eating junk food and watching cartoons until our collective brain matter (what there is of it) shrivels up like a prune. This tradition lets me hang out with one of the greatest guys I know, my little brother, and enjoy some needed downtime. In many ways, however, this bro-time serves another greater purpose as well.

We live fast-paced lives that can leave us stressed and drained. We often forget how important it is to take time engaging with those we care about. It says in Acts 2, verse 42, that the apostles devoted themselves to fellowship with one another. Often I forget about this particular facet of Christian living, ignoring it completely in favor of filling my week with more busyness. My bro-time with my little brother becomes even more important because of this, as I begin to reconnect with someone beyond myself, deliberately taking time for others.

Bro-time is not just for biological siblings. The Bible says that we are now the children of God through Christ. We are all, in this way, heavenly siblings. Perhaps it is time to put aside some of our earthly differences and begin sharing our lives with our brothers and sisters. Spiritually, this means living in open, honest, forgiving, and holy communication with each other. Practically, it means actually getting out and enjoying fellowship with each other. Have dinner with someone, grab a latte, hike a trail, or even watch some cartoons together. Actively plan time in your hectic schedules to participate in some holy bro (or sis) time. You will be amazed at what you learn, and what God works in your life through other believers.


Lord, I thank you for my spiritual brothers and sisters. I pray you would teach me to bless them, and give me the opportunities to enjoy their presence and the things they have to share. I pray that you would guide us in fellowship with one another, blessing the times we have together.

In Your name,



Zach Warrick is the pastoral assistant at Life Assembly, as well as an upcoming junior at Lipscomb University. He loves history, coffee, writing, and watching cartoons with his brother.

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