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BIBLE TEXT:Be still and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.”   –Psalm 46:10

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  This verse is from a section of scripture that proclaims the power and security of God. It calls for those involved in a war to BE STILL, STOP FIGHTING. For some of us being still is a difficult thing to conceive especially if you are one who is “wired” to be a doer. However, whether you are of the personality of the Analyst, Diplomat, Sentinel, Explorer, or a combination of  different types, we all have a natural tendency to be on the go and become entangled in life’s adventure which at times can become a battle all its own.

Life can become like the old soap opera “As the World Turns.” In reality, not only does the world turn but we do as well. We become so engrossed in life we often turn away from the Son as the world turns when it spins away from the day’s sunlight and drifts into the darkness of the night ever so subtly. Time away from prayer and reading God’s word can cause us to drift into the darkness and the despair of life. That, coupled with the ever so present threat of the enemy himself, makes for a disastrous, dangerous storm. As Jesus himself rebuked the storms and commanded them to BE STILL (Mark 4:39) we too need to speak to the storms of anxiety, fear, doubt, anger, stress, and so many other emotions that take the place of our trust and rob us of our security in the powerful, all knowing, always present, loving God of the Universe.

At times I wondered what it meant to be still and exactly what I needed “to do” to make it happen, which is a bit of an oxymoron to be honest. Being still is hard work for some people. I am not one to be patient or still. I have to be doing something to “seize the day,” to make every second count, to live life to the fullest, so as not to waste one moment. Most times my life is so filled with doing that there isn’t enough room left for stillness. I thought surely I can fit stillness somewhere into my schedule even if it was a tight squeeze. So I looked up the Hebrew word for “still” and it translated to the word “raphah,” which means “to slacken, let down, cease, to drop, be weak or faint.” I know what it is like to faint, to be weak, and to drop. I’ve physically experienced those to the point of needing life-giving blood. In fact I’ve known and experienced all of the definitions I researched, and they were all things I did not want in my daily schedule. I don’t have time for those. But when I added the rest of the verse — “and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world” – the words took on a whole different meaning and my perspective changed. I didn’t like the results I was getting from denying those words a place in my life. I needed God to “lead me beside still waters” and “restore my soul” to be my “refuge and strength” (Psalm 46:1). Life is not complete until there is a surrender to His word, His will, and His calling in our lives.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: You will realize that the things you are struggling with are so simple for God to fix as you surrender to His will. He wants us to be still and free of noise and distraction, to stop the fight and put down our weapons in order to hear his voice and restore our souls, in order for us to continue in the battle and to know that the battle is not ours, but rather His.

PRAYER:  Heavenly Father, thank you that we can come to you and be still and wait on you to meet us where we are. Whether that be in our time of trouble or need, you are our refuge. Be the strength to those that are weak today and calm their storms as they come to you. May we honor you with our lives and declare your greatness to the world as we be still. Amen.


I am a wife and mother. I was born in New York and raised in Harlem, Montana (Fort Belknap Indian Reservation) with four other siblings (2 older sisters and two brothers; one older, one younger) by truly the best parents in the world. I am a member of the Gros Ventre Indian tribe. I graduated from Trinity Bible College and I am in the process of working toward my masters degree. I’ve worked as a youth pastor, worked in  children’s ministry, served as a head pastor at the Harlem Assembly of God Church.  Currently  I work for the federal government as an analyst for the Office of Justice Services.  I am excited to be part of my husband’s new adventure in owning and operating our own business. Family is a very important part of my life.  I love music, reading, exercising, mountains, oceans, the great outdoors, almost anything that has life, (except creepy and scary things). I love spending time with my family, baking, and cooking, sports (especially watching my son) and going on date nights with my husband.

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