BIBLE TEXT:  Luke 18:1: “Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart . . .”

James 1:6:  “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting . . .”

PERSONAL REFLECTION: I know God hears my prayers and that He is all powerful, and because of this, I often expect an immediate answer, particularly if I am praying from a pure heart with unselfish motives.  I’ve had one request that I’ve made of the Lord every day, more than once a day, for over a year. I’ve cried and pleaded with God to answer my request. I’ve begged for His mercy over this situation, even feeling that God told me that He was going to answer that prayer. After a minimum of 900 times of pleading for this one thing, I began to lose heart, to even have those negative thoughts of doubt.  I questioned God, even going so far as to wonder if it was even worth praying for this thing anymore. God, in His goodness reminded me of my childhood prayers. He reminded me to keep asking in belief.

As a young child, there were two constants in my daily prayers. My prayers always included a dear lady in our church, Mrs. Hembry, who battled cancer, and the other prayer was for my Uncle Billy who was an atheist. It never occurred to me not to repeatedly plead on the behalf of these two people every day for years.  It never entered my mind that God wouldn’t answer those prayers, no doubt or discouragement.  God didn’t let me down, either. Mrs. Hembry stood before our church congregation healed, a few years after I began praying for her.  I’ll never forget her bending down and looking me in the eyes and thanking me for praying for her every day and telling me that my prayers were answered. The prayers for Uncle Billie continued for much longer – twenty years.  But God was faithful and answered that prayer too. Uncle Billie came to salvation on his deathbed and is with the Lord today, and I know it’s because of the faithful prayers of those who loved him.

If you are like me and have that one prayer that hasn’t been answered, that one prayer for which you have petitioned God time and time again, don’t lose heart. Recall your past “Mrs. Hembry and Uncle Billie” prayers that have been answered. Keep asking. “Ask in faith, with no doubting….”  Ask and keep asking like a child.

PRAYER: Dear Father, Let us not lose hope or patience in our prayers.  Let us ask in faith and keep asking, knowing that You hear and You answer. Even if it takes years to see an answer, let us never doubt Your goodness or doubt the power of our prayers.


Cindy has been married to Tim Jackson for 29 years and has three children: Audrey (25), Tyler (21), and Drew (18).  After homeschooling for 20 years and sending her youngest off to school, she is now seeking what God has for her next. Studying the Word, teaching, tutoring other students, reading, writing, nutrition, and cooking are her passions and interests.



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