A Spring Cleaning

Cindy JacksonBY:  Cindy Jackson

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BIBLE TEXT:  Psalms 50:7-10,12:  Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.  Make me hear joy and gladness . . . blot out all my iniquities. Create in me a clean heart, O God . . . Restore to me the joy of Your salvation . . .

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  A couple of weeks ago, the spring cleaning mood struck me.  I purged, taking bag after bag of unused “stuff” to Goodwill.  I scrubbed, washed, and dusted. Moving from room to room, cabinet to cabinet, drawer to drawer, I received great satisfaction and joy in knowing that even the hidden areas of my house were clean.

I had started with the kitchen junk drawer, the one that began as a useful one for a notepad, pens, maybe the spare keys. It could hardly be opened because it was so stuffed.  As I began pulling things out, I found a broken Christmas ornament, a harmonica, spare car keys from cars we haven’t owned in years, old take-out menus, and even old Chuck E. Cheese coins. The list went on. Nearly everything went in the garbage, and the drawer was clean, fit for its purpose again. Highly motivated, I moved to the cabinet directly below the now clean junk drawer.  As I was cleaning it out, I spotted something stuck in a crack in the back. Pulling it out, I noticed that it was an old Holiday Greeting money envelope.  I didn’t expect anything to be in it, but to my great joy, there were bills inside. Somehow it had gotten hidden and lost among everything else in the drawer, and as the drawer filled up, it eventually fell through to the cabinet below. A gift that had once been given to someone in the family was restored. I did a happy dance.

David believed in spring cleaning also – a spring cleaning of the heart. Purge, wash, blot, clean, restore . . . He wasn’t going to do the cleaning himself, though.  David was asking the Lord, the Master Cleaner, to do it. The sin, the junk, in David’s heart was robbing him of joy, and the only way it could be restored was for God to clean up his heart. What junk are we holding on to in our hearts and lives? What sin? What broken dreams? What fears? Let us restore the joy of our salvation. Let us find God’s gifts that have been hidden among the clutter.  Let us have a spring cleaning of the heart.

PRAYER: Lord, You are the Restorer of our joy.  Purge the junk from our hearts and lives.  Wash us and make us whiter than snow.  Blot out our sin, creating in us a clean heart. Give us joy and gladness that comes from You alone.


Cindy has been married to Tim Jackson for 27 years and has three children: Audrey (23), Tyler (19), and Drew (17).  Cindy has been a home school mom for 19 years and has been teaching other home school students for seventeen years. Studying the Word, reading, writing, and healthy cooking are her favorite pastimes.


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