A Death Worth Celebrating

By:  John Driver

E-Mail:  john@lifeassembly.com


Romans 8:11 NKJV  But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: This weekend, all Christendom will gather to celebrate the events of the Passion.  Celebrate? Hmm . . . Jesus’ death is the only death I know of that we truly celebrate.  We certainly do not feel an air of celebratory joy when a loved one passes.  Sure, we speak about the celebration of their lives and whatnot—and I truly believe we mean it.  However, there is still a mourning that occurs within us because of our loss.

Mourning. There certainly was real mourning about a hundred thousand Sunday mornings ago.  Certainty of the Messiah’s identity was as dead as that mauled man’s body lying tightly wrapped in a Pharisee’s tomb.  How odd that Jesus would be honored in death with a proper burial at the hands of a member of the very religious sect that killed Him.  I suppose this is still true of us today!  The death of Jesus points out the irony of our sin—that it was our trespasses that put Him there.  It buries a seed of life in the tomb of our pharisaical hearts.  Three days of germination saw the King emerge and the tomb emptied of the death—and that same resurrection power still empties us of death today.

Thus, we celebrate death—not for the loss, but rather for our immeasurable gain!  Ah, but only because we know the rest of the story that the original disciples did not yet grasp.  Our hindsight may be twenty-twenty, but their foresight was a blinded darkness.  Poor souls.  On their worst day—Good Friday—they had no clue that an infinitely Better Sunday was only days away.  A day of redemption.  Renewal.  Resurrection.  But it came—He came back to life.  We came to life.  All because of a death worth celebrating.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The “life” spoken of in this passage is not just a reference to the final resurrection, though it certainly applies there too.  It also refers to the resurrection power available to us in this moment—the Spirit of Christ who infuses our daily lives with His energy.  Wherever we are today, may we embrace—scratch that—may we desperately entreat the Spirit of God to infiltrate the “tomb” areas of our hearts with the same power that filled that tomb so many years ago.  We do not have to wait to have life; the price has already been paid.  The cross has already been carried.  The life has already been poured out.  Has it flowed into your tomb today?

PRAYER: Father, I ask today that your Holy Spirit will bring the resurrection power of Christ into my heart today.  I know that the death and resurrection of Your Son was more than just a past occurrence to think about—it is still a present reality to celebrate—a very present help in time of need.  I am in need of many things, but nothing more imminent than Your life in me.  Fill me with Your life today.  In Jesus’ name.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John is a husband, father, ordained pastor, speaker, author, worship leader, and songwriter.  He and his wife of over ten years, Laura, live in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee with their daughter, Sadie.  Along with his good friend Reggie Dabbs, he is the co-author of Thomas Nelson’s book release, Reggie: You Can’t Change Your Past, But You Can Change Your Future. He has also authored multiple other books and is the writer of Brentwood-Benson’s (Universal Music Group) worship song Your Name. John serves as the Student Ministries Pastor, Worship Pastor, and Director of Life Groups at Life Assembly.


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