Amy and John 2017BY:  Amy Wagner

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BIBLE TEXT:  He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”  –Luke 11:28

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. –James 1:22

PERSONAL REFLECTION: I love to watch stuff about the Titanic.  One, it’s a great historical account of society. Two, the whole story was like a puzzle. If one of the pieces were to have been slightly altered the outcome could have been very different.  For example, if the crow’s nest would have had binoculars or if the sea wouldn’t have been so calm, they would have seen the water break at the base of the iceberg. If they wouldn’t have been going so fast they could have turned better. If only they would have had the lifeboats they needed.  There are too many of these puzzle pieces to list. It goes on and on and on.

I had an encounter completely orchestrated by God recently, and if only one of the pieces where altered it may not have turned out the way it did.

Puzzle Piece #1 – I got up to the gym in that morning. This was only the second week to do mornings.

Puzzle Piece #2 – I didn’t want to go and almost didn’t, but I PULLED myself up.

Puzzle Piece #3 – Normally, I listen to Christian music while I’m getting read. That morning I did not because my phone didn’t charge overnight (never happens).

Puzzle Piece #4 – A girl comes into the locker room that I’ve never seen before and she turns her music on to take a shower. She turns it down very low but I can still hear that it’s Christian music.

Puzzle Piece #5 – I don’t do small talk. I was prompted to talk to this girl and let her know she didn’t have to turn her music down.  Simple enough, right? I don’t talk to random people (especially in such an awkward situation like showering in the locker room). But. I . Was. Told. To. So I did.

Puzzle Piece #6 – My intention was to get in and get out, tell her it was OK to play the music, and not to worry about offending anyone.  She responded so gratefully and ecstatically with “Oh my gosh, I was afraid to bother someone,” not knowing who was listening.  She proceeded to tell me that she was a baby Christian and had learned to start her day worshiping because it made her day so much better.

You see, she is a hair stylist and God has given her a dream to use that talent for mission work. She’s been on one mission trip and is (Puzzle Piece #7) trying to save money for another trip.  She was at the gym that morning on a 2-day free pass and didn’t know if she could afford it.

Puzzle Piece #8 – I just happen to be great friends with the owner of the gym AND friends with the owner of a salon whose has the same heart to use her talents for mission work.  In fact, her whole business is based around missions.  What a luck meeting, right?

I know this is long but just hang in there because it gets better.

I put her in touch with said salon owner, simply thinking that this person could give locker room girl some advice and minister to a baby Christian trying to find her place in the Kingdom.  But, that’s not how it turned out at all.

Puzzle Piece #9 – unknown at the time – salon owner had just announced to her co-stylists that she was expanding the business…AND was currently looking for people to add to the team that shared the same heart for missions and would be on the same page as the crew.


They are meeting today as I’m writing this.  What a beautifully orchestrated plan-in-motion God has created!! What if I had not gone that morning? What if she had not been using a free 2-day pass (she joined the gym, by the way, because the amazing owners were willing to cut her a break)?

What if….


Lord, Creator of masterful symphonies, please continue to use me to help You build Your puzzle of life.  May I always have an alert ear for Your words and the desire to be obedient to do as You ask.  We never know what lives will be effected by choosing to listen or ignore Your prompting to action.  I pray each person reading this opens themselves to listen, hear, and react to Your voice, guiding them to possibly make a change for one person.


Amy and husband, John, have been a part of Life for 12 years.  Amy serves as the Pastoral Assistant for the church and both John and Amy are part of the Dream Team.

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  1. by Dave Sepik

    On February 13, 2017

    Amy I loved this! First of all, I love every titanic as well!! I am a history buff in a way!! Also your devotional was awesome! It blessed me. We all need to try and remember, God is active in our lives, and he is putting circumstance, and people in our paths all for divine reason! Fortunate for you, you get to see your puzzle all the way to completion…. so far, who knows how many people that baby christian will introduce to the kingdom!?!? You played a part in that! How exciting is that!!
    I believe there are situations like this in all of our lives daily, we just are unaware how our actions and word may affect those we come in contact with!
    Thanks again for sharing, it really blessed me!

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